Joyful Noise Outdoor Instruments

Joyful Noise Outdoor Instruments at La Porte Parks 

"The Joyful Noise Project"

The Joyful Noise Outdoor Instruments are large musical instruments located in unexpected places throughout the city.  Each has a unique sound and is available every day of the year for passers-by to make music. These instruments add to the unique nature of our city and complement a music program in our schools which are known state-wide for their quality and vitality. 

History of the Joyful Noise Project  Dedicated late in 2017, the Joyful Noise Outdoor Instruments came about through the cooperative efforts of a group of supporters led by City Council Member Laura Cutler and the City Director of Community Development and Planning, Beth Shrader. They give credit to Mayors Blair Milo and Mark Krentz, Leigh and Marcia Morris, the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra, Mitch Feikes, Feikes Builders Inc., Mark Schreiber, the Park Board, and the La Porte City Park Foundation.

Contrabass  at Kiwanis-Teledyne Park  Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of La Porte. Stunning in both their towering appearance and low resonant sound, these seven chimes are pitched one octave below middle C.






Yantzee at Unity Park Sponsored by the Rotary Club of La Porte. The Yantzee is a foundational piece for any instrument grouping; the low notes create a rich canvas of sound. 







Imbarimba at Fox Park  Sponsored by the American Licorice Company. The Imbarimba combines elements of two African instruments, the Marimba and the Kalimba, for a unique musical sound.




The Swirl at Plaza 618  Sponsored by the La Porte Urban Enterprise Association. These chimes range from Soprano to Alto with notes in the key of C on one side and the key of A minor on the other.  





Manta Ray at Civic Auditorium  Sponsored by the Quick Impact Place-based Grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) and the Indiana Office of Tourism Development (IOTD). This instrument really has a magical sound. The chimes on the two sides are repeated and it has four mallets, making it a great instrument for two people to play together.  


Babel Drum at La Porte City Hall  This newest drum was dedicated November 2, 2018, in honor of the late Teresa Ludlow, who was Clerk-Treasurer for the City of La Porte for 20 years. Teresa marched to the beat of her own drum. The small Babel Drum is tuned to a C major pentatonic scale, producing a pure tone that is warm and has plenty of clarity to it. This version has six beautiful notes and is very easy to play, requiring only your hands to create a variety of different tones.